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If you’re looking for ways to protect your privacy online, you need a virtual private network (VPN). Right now, you can get affordable, lifetime VPN protection right here. We’ve got special offers from multiple VPN providers offering lifetime VPN protection for single or multiple devices. If you’ve shopped around for VPN services, you know the cost can be extremely high. Protecting your privacy is worth every penny, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay full price.

OysterVPN: VPN Lifetime Subscription
OysterVPN: VPN Lifetime Subscription
5 Reviews
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VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription
VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription
9 Reviews

Who needs lifetime VPN protection?

If you spend any amount of time on the internet, you need a VPN. The frightening truth is that your browsing activities aren’t private. Your internet service provider (ISP) knows every website you visit. Websites you visit log your IP address and, therefore, know your location. Additionally, without VPN protection, data you send over the internet is unencrypted. This means if a hacker is monitoring your activities, they might get access to your usernames, passwords, and even the contents of your emails. VPN protection offers browsing privacy and data encryption If you want to be completely anonymous on the internet and secure your browsing activities, you have to do more than use an online proxy. You need a dedicated VPN installed on your devices. A VPN will prevent others from knowing your real IP by routing your internet traffic through another server. All your internet traffic will appear to come from this other server, which means your true location will remain hidden, even when people try to trace your activity back to the source. A VPN can prevent your ISP from tracking your browsing activity Most VPNs will prevent your ISP from knowing what sites you’re visiting. Your ISP will know you’re visiting websites, but they won’t have access to the domains or URLs you’ve visited. This is especially important when you’re logged into a Google account. When you’re logged into your Google account, Google records all the websites you visit. Using a VPN is the only way to bypass this invasive data collection. Cybersecurity threats are real—get VPN protection now Cybersecurity threats are lurking around every corner, including data breaches, ransomware attacks, malware, and phishing schemes. With data breaches on the rise with increasing financial damages, you can’t afford to skip the VPN. A virtual private network (VPN) will prevent your web browsing activity and data from being co-opted by an unauthorized third party. A VPN will encrypt all of your data so if cybercriminals intercept your data transmissions, it won’t be readable. Why you need lifetime VPN protection You can pay monthly or yearly for VPN protection, but you’re not guaranteed the same price year after year. Prices tend to rise as cyberthreats rise. Lifetime VPN protection ensures you never have to worry about paying more to maintain your online privacy. Discounted VPN protection is hard to get—we have you covered VPN services aren’t cheap, but in our shop, you can get affordable VPN protection that won’t let you down. Our prices for lifetime VPN protection are heavily discounted, so take advantage of our deals while they’re still available.
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